yamyam_kat (yamyam_kat) wrote,

I Was Mowing My Lawn

I was mowing my lawn,
One sunny day,
Then my mom came to say,
“We need some water, or our seeds won’t grow.”
So, I went to the river where everyone rows.
Everyone was yelling,
“The water ain’t tellin’,
Or risin’ or despising.”
The water won’t rise
So I set up the spies
To see what caused the commotion.
A small little boy
Back down in Troy,
Was sucking up the water with a tube.
Everyone one was chanting
“Hurry up Mr. Anting!!”
And now we know why
The water won’t rise.
But that isn’t the end,
We went through the descent.
And we stopped little Mr. Anting!
Tags: poem, week 11b

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