yamyam_kat (yamyam_kat) wrote,

Agent K4T

Agent K4T woke up to a startling noise. Jumping out of bed she woke Agent Kitten, who said, “Ay you stepped on my tail!!!”

“Shh.” K4T hissed. She then trotted toward the open door, into the elevator. “Down please.”

The elevator went down. “Ok thank you,” she said, and the elevator stopped at the first floor, like always.

She left the elevator and emerged into the dining room. She pulled a food lever and food appeared. Platters of chicken and salmon lined the table in a pattern. Agent K4T headed toward the first chicken platter, and licked it clean.

“Yum- ahh!”

Agent Kitten pounced on Agent K4T’s tail. Agent kitten stopped when she saw the food.


“Nooo that was my platter!” said Agent K4T as Agent Kitten ate the tuna platter, including the plate, on accident. She spat the plate on the floor and went back to attacking agent K4T’s tail enthusiastically.

Agent K4T shook her off and padded out of the kitchen.

"Ugh, I was hungry. I WAS hungry, but Agent Kitten had to ruin it for me. Hmph," Agent K4T growled as she left the dining room. She yawned and wandered toward the bathroom and trimmed her claws. They were rather long. When she was done, she went back upstairs to see agent kitten in her bed.

“Not again!!!” K4T cried out. She couldn’t even fit in Agent Kitten’s bed. She kicked Agent Kitten out of her bed, and shoved her into her own bed. K4T fell asleep easily, but she doesn't always fall asleep easily, for cats have sleepless nights too.

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