yamyam_kat (yamyam_kat) wrote,

The Land Of Legends

As winged Pegasus and land loving unicorn talk, magic sphynx and the forever running wolves take a walk. Humans never bother this ancient land. It’s forgotten forever, lost in time. But its peaceful.

I watch over them, but people say I’m only a legend. But that was never true. Sadly I’m the last of my kind. We lived freely long ago. But the humans hunted us down. I am called a legend beast.

Many don’t believe I exist. But enough about me. Lets see what is currently happening down below…

Never has a predator hunted its prey here.

We share many treasures. We don’t eat anything we see. We share with it. It’s free here. But, we face one enemy, we face it together…

No one gets left behind here. This is land of legends, freedom, magic. We believe for now, until the humans stop, it’s the only place that we can stay in and be happy.
Tags: lj idol, week 2

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