yamyam_kat (yamyam_kat) wrote,

My Resolution

Narrator: Then the girl started writing in her diary.

Yamyamkat: Dear diary, I thought about it and well… I want my resolution to be…. PIZZA!!! Just kidding. I'LL be right back.

Diary: Hm, what is her resolution?

Yamyamkat: Mom! I know what my resolution is!

Mom: Oh that’s great sweetie, continue whatever you were doing.

Yamyamkat: Ok!

Yamyamkat: Dear diary, my new years resolution is making the world a better place, and continuing my stories!!

A message from yamyamkat, “Be who you want to be reader, nobody can stop you from achieving your goal and getting your biggest dreams to come true.”
Tags: lj idol, week 1

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