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Please Note! All pictures and original published draft are in the body of the story, per the author's request. Simply click the LJ-cut at the beginning to read and view the story in full. Thank you, enjoy the show.

*** Cast of Characters ***

Starring from left to right: Kid Flame, Kid Ponder, Baby Spirit, Gatita Mia, Annoying Cat,
Teenage Raven, Teenage Moonlight, and the infamous Chicken Bawk Bawk


Kid Ponder is short tempered. Kid Flame is relaxed.
Baby Spirit is funny. Teenage Raven is a cool cat. Teenage Moonlight is shy.
Chicken Bawk Bawk is CRAZY! Gatita Mia is also crazy. Annoying Cat is Bothering.

See you soon!

Teenage Raven speaks into a walkie talkie. "Let's get this started."

Teenage Moonlight responds. "Copy." Moonlight pulls a lever.

Wielding wrenches, Moonlight and Raven wink and smile to the camera. "Almost done..." they say together.

To the left, Raven rolls a wheel away. Moonlight puts on goggles, then pushes another lever and smiles.

"Done," Moonlight says.

One time, there was a cat. He made faces at everyone. He also screamed at everyone. He was called Annoying Cat because of that.

One day, he met Ponder. This happened. Ponder got mad, and screamed, "Shut up!" Then Ponder put on earmuffs. He was mad.

Annoying Cat began to sing. To the tune of Brahms' Lullaby, he sang, "Good bye, don't cry, la la la la, be quiet!"

Annoying Cat cried. And cried, and cried.

Ponder was still mad, and chased Annoying cat away.

So Annoying Cat moved far, far away to South America. He made a friend named Gatita Mia. They texted and did all sorts of things. They became best friends forever.

He became friends with Chicken Bawk Bawk too. They were the best of friends.

The End. (Not really).

A "The End" sign comes down from above, and Raven rolls the wheel back onto the stage. Moonlight adjusts the lever again. Raven and Moonlight say, "Goodbye." But is it really over?

Epilogue: Chicken Bawk Bawk wanted to take over the world. Gatita Mia liked being crazy.

Raven flies onto the stage. "Sorry we forgot that part!" He says. The curtains to the right close at the stage door.

The lights come up in the theater, and the audience claps while the words "The End" show on the screen. From left to right, we see yamyam_kat, dragonswimmer, ivy_pool, Homer, and kfp_rawr. But what's this? Yamyam_kat is Annoying Cat?!? This is quite the unexpected surprise!

Additional notes: 1) Ponder, Spirit, Flame, Raven and Moonlight appear in Week 1 of this season of Idol Minor.
2) Chicken Bawk Bawk has been referenced in Season 10 of therealljidol. It is advised that humans should stay about 100 feet away from Chicken Bawk Bawk for their personal safety.
3) Annoying Cat's mane and tail are actually lime green in color, but the scans altered the color a little.
4) Dragonswimmer, Ivy_pool, Homer, and Kfp_rawr are all contestants in this season of Idol Minor. Yamyam_kat would like for all readers of this story to please check out their amazing works for this week's entry. They were also featured in week 3 of Idol Minor 2.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support this season!

ETA: fixed a duplicate picture in the HTML code.
Tags: meta, the adventures of ponder the cat
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