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Once upon a time, three lions played. Then a huge, loud, smelly, and speedy monster drove by. Three people came out.

The lion cubs mewled. The lions growled. The human kids shouted at the lions. The lions ran away. The lions roared at the people.

Please don't mess with Nature.

The people left trash everywhere! The lions chewed on the trash. One lion got a chocolate wrapper. The lion got chocolate bits from the wrapper in its mouth. The lion got sick.

Another lion got a lollipop. It ate the lollipop. It too, got sick.

Another lion got a plastic bag. It got its head stuck in the bag.

Please don't leave trash outside on the ground.

As you can see, us humans are monsters to wildlife. So you can help wildlife by not littering or disturbing wildlife.

Now about the lions: The one with the plastic bag got saved, but the other lions died.

From that day on, the surviving lion hated people. And he made a new pride, regretting what happened to his old one.

The End.

This was part of Week 2 for Idol Minor. The topic was: Monsters.

Please click to view the original draft and illustrations below.

Caption: Two lions stare into the distance. They roar with anger at having their peaceful afternoon disturbed by the monster carrying humans into their territory.

Caption: A sign stands in the midst of the grasslands where lions roam and play. The sign reads: Please don't leave trash outside on the ground! On the ground below the sign rest bits of trash including a lollipop, what appears to be a half eaten chocolate chip cookie, and a plastic bag.

Caption: Pictured left, our narrator explains the problem with humans versus wildlife. Our narrator also tells the fate of the lions that discovered the trash left by tourists. Below, we see two dead lions, one was only a cub. To the right, A male lion mourns the loss of two lions from his pride. Dark blue tears stream down his face, and he is wailing.

Caption: Beneath the final lines of the story and the ending banner, we see two signs. One shows a girl holding hands with a lion. There is a slash through the picture, and a red X appears at the top. The second sign shows a human and a lion acting aggressive toward each other. At the top, there is a red check mark. This is to show that perhaps wildlife such as the surviving lion in this story may harbor resentment toward humans for the rest of their lives. It means that we probably cannot coexist, and that is indeed tragic.

Thank you for reading.
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