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Ponder's Embarrassing Moments

Ponder and Spirit were at the park, and Spirit wanted ice-cream, and Ponder screeched, "Not again! NO ICE-CREAM!"

Everyone glared.

Ponder was embarrassed. Everyone stared at him. Flustered, he gulped and ran behind a tree. Ponder's brothers and sisters did their own thing. Spirit got ice-cream for herself. Raven kept his sunglasses on. Flame stayed very still.

Ponder looked from behind the tree and noticed that his brothers and sisters were mad. They were staring at the tree which Ponder was behind. Ponder looked at his feet feeling more embarrassed than before.

But everyone was actually looking at Spirit, not Ponder. Ponder felt embarrassed when he had made a mistake on thinking that they were staring at him and he came out from his hiding place and noticed that none of his siblings were mad at him, but Spirit. Ponder was really embarrassed and relieved.

The end.

This piece was written for therealljidol's Idol Minor. The prompt was: Embarrassing Moment.

yamyam_kat's original illustrated transcription follows below the cut.

Caption: Ponder (right) and his siblings are at the park. An ice-cream truck arrives, and Ponder's youngest sister, Spirit (center), becomes excited. "I want ice-cream!" she shouts, but Ponder, the elder cat in charge, says, "No ice-cream!" Spirit pleads for the delictable treat, and a crowd gathers. Ponder's younger brother, Flame (left) tries to calm the two arguing siblings down as the crowd draws near. Below, Raven (bottom left) and Moon (bottom right) both faint when the cat peddling ice-cream states that one cone will cost $1000.

Caption: The narrative continues, with illustration. Below, Ponder runs behind and possibly up a tree, feeling embarrassed over the argument he had with his sister, Spirit. Behind the tree, we see siblings, Flame, Raven and Moon look for Ponder. They look rather grumpy. Not pictured: Spirit, who went to get some delicious $1000 ice-cream.

Caption: The search for Ponder continues as siblings Flame and Moon look for their eldest brother.

Caption: The narrative continues. Below, Ponder has come down from the tree branches looking a little disheveled. He doesn't notice, because he is embarrassed at having lost his temper on his little sister, Spirit. He notices his siblings from behind the tree, and they appear to be angry. Ponder feels shame, and examines his feet. Beyond the tree are (from left to right) Flame, Spirit, Raven and Moon.

Caption: We get a closer look at Ponder's siblings. From left to right, they are: Flame; Spirit; Moon; and Raven.

Caption: Ponder feels less embarrassed now.

Thank you for reading!
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