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The Story

The sun was going down, and two cats with two kittens lounged around a camp fire.

"There always is time for a story," said a kitten.

"The Cat is asleep," said a smiling cat.

"Let's have fun!" said another kitten.

"Time for a story," the first kitten said.

"Okay," the other kitten said.

"Zzzzzzz," snored The Cat.

"Wake up!" said the kitten.

"What?" yawned The Cat.

"Just get up so I can tell a story," said the kitten.

"Something sees us!" the second kitten meowed.

"It's a fox!" the smiling cat says.

"Story time!" the first kitten says, calling the others to attention.

"Okay," The Cat says with a yawn.

"The fox left. I can't wait for the story!" the second kitten said.

The kitten opens a book and begins to read aloud.

"Once upon a time, there was a cat. It had yarn. One day, a witch came and said, 'I will attack you!' The cat was scared.

"The cat scratched the witch. The witch was mad, so she tried to use magic on the cat. The cat ran away. Later, the cat won the fight by scratching the witch again. The cat scared the witch away!"

The kitten closed the book.

"Did you like the story?" she asked.

"Yes!" The Cat said.

"It was scary!" the second kitten said.

"Let's say, 'Bye' to the humans," the smiling cat suggested. The sun was rising, and the fire had died out. It was time for sleep.

"Bye!" The four cats said before heading off to bed.

Notes: The original unedited transcription with illustrations are beneath the cut. Please do check them out.

Caption: The sun is setting, and four felines are gathered by a campfire. To the left, one kitten sniffs a flower that grows near the fire. To the right, we have a smiling cat, The Cat (who is sleeping), and finally, the kitten. The kitten looks to the sky and spies stars. "What a perfect setting for a story," she thinks to herself.

Caption: Determined that The Cat should participate in the active listening of a story, the kitten pounces on The Cat's head to wake her up. The Cat looks grumpy, she just wants a nice nap in front of the fire. The second kitten and smiling cat are chasing the sun with excitement. They want the sun to set fully so they can listen to the kitten's story. To the right, a fox, comes close to the fire. Does the fox want to sit and tell stories too? Or eat cats? Or perhaps the fox is merely chilly and finds the fire inviting.

Caption: The kittens and cats sit by the campfire. A book rests on the ground. The sun is eager to hear the kitten's story too, because it refuses to set. Set, sun! Set!!! The fox, saddened that he was discovered, leaves. The fox will listen to campfire stories another day. Or did he sufficiently warm up and depart ready to face the night? We will never know.

Caption: A witch appears on the scene, ready to attack a poor disgruntled cat (depicted right) who was minding its own business with a ball of yarn.

Caption: Three felines dance a jig to celebrate a happy ending to the kitten's story.

Caption: As the sun rises and the felines celebrate the end to an exciting campfire story, the Smiling Cat breaks the fourth wall by suggesting that all of the kitties bid the humans (the reader) farewell. They are seen here waving and saying, "Bye," as this concludes Week 14's topic, 'Campfire Stories.'

Thank you for reading.
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