yamyam_kat (yamyam_kat) wrote,

Bay Blue Hour

Original transcripts and illustrations follow behind the lj-cut.

"There is that blue hour," said the cats.
"A mouse!"
"Catch it!"
"I'm tired."

But they all fell asleep.

Later, they woke up. They saw the blue sky again. They saw a giant bug.

They had a party. It was fun. Then they fell asleep.

The End.

Caption: Next to the bay a gaggle of cats has gathered to witness the blue hour and sunrise. One of them spots a mouse and alerts the others, but they are far too lazy and well-fed to give chase. Plus, now that it is daylight, they need to sleep.

Caption: Now it is broad daylight and the cats are all sleeping and dreaming. It appears the mouse was tired and has fallen asleep too, apparently not fearing the lazy cats. One cat seems to be dreaming of avocados, while another is having romantic dreams and has intruded upon a third cat's space, which has caused disgruntlement.

Caption: Now it is sunset and the blue hour again, and the cats are awake. One cat shakes its paw angrily at the mouse, which scampers off lazily. The mouse seems to be protected by a very large butterfly so perhaps the angry cat is telling the mouse that it would have caught it had it not been for the bug's protection. A space mouse, which must be enormous and fire-proof, has attached itself to the sun.

Caption: Finally, at night, the cats and the mouse have a party, their past aggression forgotten. The space mouse and butterfly, having shrunk to normal size, are also invited to the merriment.

Thanks for reading.

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