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There are 106 Pokémon at Disneyland right now.

Standing in front of Disneyland, two Pokémon appear.

"Hi, I'm Pikachu," says a tall, yellow Pokémon.

A smaller Pokémon standing next to Pikachu waves. "That's Pikachu! I'm Pichu!"

Pikachu and Pichu went in their car. They looked at the map, and started driving around Disneyland.

"Ahh! What was that?" Pikachu asked.

"There's Pokémon on the road!" Pichu screamed.

"Oh no!" Pikachu shouted. "What will we do?"

"We will pass them," Pichu said.

"Okay," Pikachu said, "but how? They are everywhere."

"Go to the one route with the least Pokémon," Pichu said.

"Okay," Pikachu said.

They drove down the route with the least Pokémon, and finally reached the part of Disneyland they wanted to get to: Space Mountain.

The End.

Notes: To the human ear, the dialogue of Pikachu and Pichu would sound like the two Pokémon merely stating their names repeatedly. This story provides insight to what they are actually saying.

The original transcript along with drawings are beneath the lj-cut.

Caption: Page 1 of the story. Not included above, please note the additional focus question. It reads: Who rode the truck? For extra credit, please be sure to study the pictures in this story, and give your best guess as to which Pokémon may have been the driver in this great escapade.

Caption: Pichu (left) and Pikachu (right) stand in front of a trolley on Main Street in Disneyland. Disneyland is currently featuring a minimalist showcase, which can be seen in this picture. It is a non traditional facade of the original Main Street USA situated to look like you are standing in a white room with no corners. The folks at Disneyland are always coming up with exciting displays, and this was the perfect follow up to their Diamond anniversary celebration.

Note: The author and transcriber are totally kidding about the minimalist display.

Caption Pikachu (on the right) surveys the map while Pichu seems to be crawling under the wheels of the trolley. Worried, Pikachu says, "It's a loop-te-loop," while Pichu says, "Yes," with a big smile. Pichu likes doing donuts in cars and trolleys. Please call the police if you spot a Pichu in a car in real life. Remember: Friends don't let Pokémon drive. Ever!"

Caption: Portions of the original transcript at the top of the page. The drawing depicts a map which shows our heroes having to select the best route to Space Mountain that involves running over as few Pokémon as possible. The innocent Pokémon are depicted as circles at various destinations on the map. Pikachu and Pichu are in the trolley (depicted top left of the picture). Space Mountain is at the bottom right. At the top, a Raichu stands next to a lever. Raichu awaits instructions from Pikachu and Pichu whether or not to pull the lever to send the trolley on the path that runs over fewest Pokémon.

yamyam_kat thanks you for reading.
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