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Where I'm From

Once there was an orange tabby cat. There was a white cat. They lived in California. Both cats lived in a house. They shared a room in that house. They played inside the room.

They fought sometimes.

They still liked each other. They met more cats. They lived happily ever after.

The original unedited transcription is beneath the cut. Illustrations are included, and captioned by a parent. Due to a heavy schedule, the illustrations are not in color. However, yamyam_kat finds that simple pencil illustrations are her favorite medium.

Caption: Two cats sit between two doors. The cat to the left has a long fluffy tail, and only one front paw showing. The cat to the right is a spunky orange tabby whose tail swishes back and forth. Note the motion marks. Through the open door to the left, we spy what can only be a villain from another possibly forthcoming story. The villain has claws for hands, and is flying through the air. Hopefully, the kitties will be safe. Will they?

Caption:We see two cats fighting in a very non traditional manner. The white fluffy cat on the left flattens his ears, curls his tail, and gives a stern look. It appears as if the white fluffy cat will begin lecturing the orange tabby on how not to behave. The orange tabby to the right stands on his hind paws, closes his eyes, and sticks his tongue out as if to blow raspberries at the white fluffy cat. The white fluffy cat is displeased at this.

Caption: Here, we see the two cats sharing a moment of peace and quiettogether. The white fluffy cat is seated on a chair smiling. His tail touches the tabby's (shown right) in a gesture of affection. The tabby, content, closes his eyes, and smiles.

Thank you for reading.
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