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A Biography: Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

This week, we discussed the LJ Idol prompt: Heel Turn. yamyam_kat had been studying the Civil Rights movement at school, and we had just watched the movie, "Hidden Figures," a few days before. We decided that she would write about someone who caused one of the greatest 'heel face turns' in American history. Except in this case, it's not a person that turns, but a country.

Please enjoy this first grader's biography. Illustrations are beneath an LJ cut following the transcription.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Every January, we celebrate Dr Martin Luther King Jr's life.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was born Jan 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. He had a brother and sister. They were older.

White people would not let him play with their child at age 6. He was mad. When he was 14, he had to give up his seat for a white person. It made him angry.

He helped organize peaceful protests and boycotts. It was kind of hard. He did the 'I Have a Dream Speech.' In 1968, he was shot by James Earl Ray.

Martin Luther King Jr was a good person.

Caption: yamyam_kat reads a book about Martin Luther King Jr to a blue cat. Yamyam_kat admires Dr. King for his work to help bring about change.

Caption: Dr Martin Luther King Jr is depicted here giving his "I have a dream" speech to thousands gathered in Washington in 1963. An attendee is holding a sign that says, "Go Dr Martin Luther King!" in support of his work.

Caption: Dr King with his family pose for a portrait. Behind them, a door smiles. What does the future hold? The door wonders.

Caption: The left picture depicts two boys arguing. One is Martin Luther King Jr, the other is a former friend, a white boy. Young Martin asks, "Why can't I play with you?"
The other child answers, "Because my dad said so!"

The right drawing depicts 14 year old Martin being forced to give up his seat on the back of the bus for a white man. Martin again asks, "Why?" The white man (on the right) replies, "Because!"

Caption: Dr Martin Luther King Jr's assassination by James Earl Ray (standing on the left) in 1968. To the right, someone shouts, "Look out behind you!" in an effort to thwart Ray's attempts. It is unknown why the assassin is smiling in the picture.

Caption: On the left are hearts of appreciation for Dr King's work. In the center stands Dr. King at a pulpit. He is giving a moving speech. On the right, Dr King is depicted with a sign, standing with a group of peaceful protestors.

Thank you for reading.

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